Bold and Daring Home Furnishings

I suppose I'm in a modern home furnishing browsing mood again this afternoon so I checked out what is the latest in one of my favorite home furnishing browsing playground - NYC Concept Furniture.

I saw some really eye-catching and bold furnishings! Not just in terms of style, most of them where of contemporary designs, featuring sleek lines and modernist touches, but there are pieces that are really in bold colors. Take for instance these lovely and funky living room furniture sets that simply screams, notice ME!

I also saw some very interesting home entrance furnishings that would surely make a bold and standout statement to anyone entering your foyer. The designs are unique yet simple and uncluttered, in a way that would make your entrances homey, welcoming yet uber stylish!

And more entertainment center furniture, if you're looking for someplace to showcase your ultra modern home entertainment appliances and want to have it in a bold and splashy way, here some picks..

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