Stop Procrastination and Have More Time To Accomplish More

Stressed out because you always seem to ran out of time? Are you always rushing about especially near deadlines? What could be the reason fo... thumbnail 1 summary
Stressed out because you always seem to ran out of time? Are you always rushing about especially near deadlines? What could be the reason for this? You might be taking on too much task that you can handle yourself, you don't get help or you simply don't delegate. Another big possibility is that you are not organized and delaying or your procrastination habit is getting in your way of accomplishing important things.

It's easy to develop the habit of procrastination. Who doesn't want to lie low or stall a task that is unanticipated? But the moment you start delaying what needs to be done, it'll be a habit in no time. Procrastination will then be detrimental to you being more effective in managing your job or your home.

It might be easy to fall into the procrastinating pattern but it is a lot harder to beat it. Hard but not impossible. However, recognizing and facing the problem and coming up with an organized and realistic plan to beat the habit is a positive way to get started.

Start by evaluating yourself. Notice your habits. Some things might be so ingrained to you and come out naturally without you realizing its already a procrastination habit. Don't be too hard on yourself, evaluate yourself slowly and honestly. It might take sometime to fully recognize your procrastinating ways, the tip is to pick out a task, example: bill payment tasks. Analyze your current habits with regards to this particular task, break it down and see where your errors are. Knowing the little ways we delay or procrastinate would help us overcome it easily.

Once you're able to identify your specific procrastination habits, then take time to plan how you can manage your time more effectively. Example, bill payment delays might be easily overcome by organizing your bills based on their due dates. Marking these dates on your daily calendar might also help remind you of the pending task. In terms of projects with deadlines, instead of cramming and panicking when the deadline is near, it is a good idea to practice working on it bit by bit, or a daily basis. Also, learn how to delegate and ask for help if you are physically incapable of accomplishing the task.

Keep yourself motivated to be on time and organized. Rewarding yourself is a good idea to keep on track. Don't wait until you have accomplished a big goal before giving yourself a 'pat on the back'. If you were able to do all your housework in time then have a good soak in a bath or have a pedicure or whatever you fancy to reward yourself.

Make a personal commitment to break the habit. Promising yourself that you would avoid the delaying tactics is a start. Another good idea is to tell someone else about your commitment. Involve others in your quest to improve your time management and organizing skills. You might want to solicit your family's help in setting deadlines or reviewing your results. That way, someone else will be setting expectations for you would most likely to boost your commitment to achieve your goals.

Constantly remind yourself about the positives of managing your time effectively. For one, being organized would give your more time to do whatever you enjoy.You'll be less stressed and pressured because if you are not procrastinating, you don't need to cram or rush after too many tasks.And finally, the sense of accomplishment, of completing a job is surely a major motivator for anyone wanting to get rid of their procrastination habit.

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