Clean It For Me, Please?

I am a stay-at-home mom. I also have my own online business, I handle multitudes of blogs, build websites, do some marketing for these sites. It's simply like, I also have a job but I get to stay at home and arrange my schedule as I please. This is really great for us, because I get to be there when my husband and daughter needs me, at the same time, I have the freedom to devote as much time as I can on my online business.

But there are times, things can get really hectic and either house chores or work are relegated to the back seat because of just the sheer number of tasks that I have to accomplish. Like last week, getting sick is something I didn't plan or want to be, but these things happen. So, this week I'm almost up to the neck with house work, the laundry is piled high up, I have lots of stuff to scrub and clean, errands to run. My blogs and websites are also a bit on the stale side because of the short break. And to top all that, Christmas is fast approaching! This time were not going out of the country but we still plan to go somewhere the whole weekend, perhaps to the beach or somewhere quiet where we could have a nice family Christmas celebration.

Seriously, this is one of those times that I want to hire commercial janitorial services to just help ease things for me. Wouldn't it be wonderful if somebody could do the laundry, dust all windows and furnishings, vacuum clean (i just can't stand dust!!), change the sheets etc? For me, that would be heaven sent!

At least it would free sometime for me to update my work and be ahead instead of being always behind the deadlines. I would also get to have extra time to do some Christmas shopping (I haven't started this yet!! and I hate the Christmas rush and just the throngs of people in the malls!). I could also some little 'me time', go to a spa, a salon and have my hair treatment which I seriously haven't had for six months (a crime if you ask me..:D), or just to have coffee and girl talk with friends..

Don't I just wish I could hire cleaning services? Makes me think of really checking if these are available here in Phnom Penh...


ellen said…
..hope you can find time to visit mine and follow me in google friend connect...Enjoy the season...God Bless!