Make Your Home or Business Easy To Find

Our friends who come over to visit used to complain about having a hard time looking for our house. Added to not having an address plaque in our house, address numbers here in Phnom Penh are often not in sequence. So we what happens is that our guests usually get lost. We had been thinking how we could make this easier so we have added an address plaque in our entrance. Makes it easier for the postman too so less bills are getting lost.

It's just common sense to want your address to be easily found. Especially if you are running a business from that address, adding address plaques would make it more visible and would also add value to your business in terms of business name recognition.

Address signs are easily customizable as well. You can source it in your area or you can also order it online for more choices. If you are also into creative arts, why not try to make one as a weekend project with your kids?