Stainless Steel Home Accents

Can you imagine your home having stainless steel fireplace accessories and other accents made from stainless steel? At first I thought stainless steel should just be confined to appliances or cookware but then again I was browsing around stores on home accessories and I chanced upon several with items made from stainless steel. Let's just say, I was intrigued.

Of course before, I know only home items like cookware, stainless steel mailbox, kitchenware, cutlery and other appliances are made of stainless steel materials. After a hopping around and checking out home accents made of stainless steel I am convinced that they would definitely make a unique and elegant addition to a home.

Why so? Stainless steel is stain-resistant, easy to maintain and inexpensive compared to other materials. Another reason is that its attractive, and gives off a sophisticated and modern look. And since I am a big fan of modern contemporary style I'd definitely love having home accents made of stainless steel.

I did say I did some online window shopping and here's some stainless steel home decor I found really unique and stylish..

from left: stainless steel table torch, stainless steel wall mounted wine rack, stainless steel soap dispenser

from left: stainless steel aromatherapy burner, stainless steel tea light holder, stainless steel wall mounted magazine rack,blomus stainless steel mailboxes