Shopping Tips for Bed and Linen

For most of us, after spend a tiring day, the bed offers the ultimate comfort and rest. Whenever I am so tired or at times just feel like l... thumbnail 1 summary

For most of us, after spend a tiring day, the bed offers the ultimate comfort and rest. Whenever I am so tired or at times just feel like lazing around, I could easily imagine myself in a bed with soft pillows, a firm mattress, warm and cozy blankets. So the bed and the beddings are really the central furnishing in any bedroom.

Here's a little guide for those thinking on going on a bed and linen shopping spree. First, the basics. The bed frame. It comes in different sizes. You have the
King (76 x 80 inches or 198 x 203 cm),
Queen (60 x 80 inches or 153 x 203 cm),
Full (also called Double) 54 x 75 inches 137 x 190 cm)
Twin (also called Single) (39 x 75 inches or 99 x 190 cm)
There's also, The California King (72 x 84 inches or 182 x 213 cm) and the Extra Long Twin (39 x 80 inches or (99 x 203 cm) Note that each country/manufacturers have different standards of measurements. But the measurements above are the common/standard sizes being used.

Its important to know your bed sizes coz its what you will base on for the size of your mattress and consequently your bed sheets and linens. Mattresses also comes in different forms and sizes.

Next comes the bed linens or the bed sheets and its there to protect the mattress. Bed sheets should be selected based on different factors. The size, the fabric, the colors and design, the quality as well as your budget. To purchase a bed linen you must know your measurements first. Know the length, width and depth of your mattress before going shopping. Have a budget in mind. Some high end bed sheets could be really pricey while there are others that would fit a budget-conscious home makers price range.

Decide on what kind of fabric. Do you prefer the cool and crisp cotton or luxuriousness of silk? Then think about the color and decor of your room. Have a color scheme in mind that would match the theme of your room. Make sure it would complement well the colors and designs of other room elements like your curtains, carpets, decor etc.

Know a bit also about thread counts. The higher the thread counts the softer it gets and the more durable it is but it also means it'll be heavier on your pockets. As basic, start with a thread count of more than 250.

Another to consider when choosing bed linens is the caring and washing. Do they require too much effort like needing dry cleaning or is it just the easy wash and use variety.

Other a bedding accessories you have to shop for are your bed pillows and you have great choices in this are. Feather and foam, and in different sizes too. Other additions are comforters, quilts, duvets, bedspread and blankets..

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