Finding Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

I love remodeling. For several reasons. One, times are tough now and its not easy to buy a new home just when you feel like it. Two, remodeling is a great creative challenge. Three, you can actually do it yourself, or make it a family project, or have someone do it with you supervising :P.
One place in a home that is pretty easy to start with when it comes to remodeling is the bathrooms. It is a small and simple space and I'm sure it'll be easy to come up with new ideas to make it all new. But if you are on a creative stalemate and can't come up with unique and cost saving ideas, then don't despair, there are places you can look to find your bathroom remodeling inspiration.

Check out the homes of your family and friends. Ask them for suggestions and tips on how they went about remodeling their own bathrooms.

Home magazines are also excellent sources of remodeling ideas. Can't afford to buy new ones? Borrow from friends or get back issues from discount bookstores. Or you really don't want to purchase these, then head over to your local bookstore and spend sometime browsing magazines geared towards home and garden niches. These magazines offer a wealth of ideas on cost-saving tips as well as do-it-yourself instructions.

Open houses can also be a creative inspiration. Visit one in your local area and I'm sure this trip would help you come up with a new idea or two. Bring along a camera for easy documentation. Majority of these model houses have top notch interior designers doing the designing or remodeling for them and chances are you might find a good design element you'd like to incorporate in your bathroom remodeling.

Blend ideas from all of your idea sources. You'd be surprise how all these mixed ideas could really jive together and come up with an amazing bathroom remodeling plan for you.