Getting Rid of Your Home Office Clutter

A home office is now increasingly becoming a necessity in every modern day household. You may ask, what do I need it for? Well, all of us p... thumbnail 1 summary

A home office is now increasingly becoming a necessity in every modern day household. You may ask, what do I need it for? Well, all of us pay bills, have a pile of mails to organize, arrange our recipe collection, sort out our photos, maintain calendars, coordinate our schedules and activities on a computer. Some of us, like me, make a living from home offices.

Home office get easily cluttered because of so many things being done there. In fact it could easily become on of the most cluttered areas of a home. Since it is the place we use to get ourselves organized, having a clutter-free, organized home office or a simple desk can help us a lot in saving time and money and would help us de-stress too.

If your chaotic desk is getting particularly overwhelming, then take a good look at what is making your office disorderly. Getting organized is all about habits.

One of biggest clutter maker in your desk is probably your mail. Make it a habit to sort out and deal with your mail on a daily basis. Those you don't need, keep it in a separate bin and shred it at least once a week. All the rest that you need, keep it in an organized file.

Your unupdated files and folders might also need some attention. Take the time out to update your filing system and organize things in a way that its easy for your to file current and future files.

Another cause of office desk clutter are computer storages like CD's, DVD's, USB's and floppy disks (are they still in use? :D) Make sure each is properly labeled and placed in a protective case or filer. I find it much easier to categorize each. I have a CD case for movies, another for computer backups/files, another for softwares, and another one for games. This way it'll be easier for me to access and organize new stuff that I would get.

If your home office is a common area for family members, it could also be cluttered by eating utensils, wrappers etc. It is wise to impose a rule not allowing eating and drinking near computer equipment as it can be easily damaged and it would also lessen the chance of having clutter build around it. I learned this the hard way when my daughter spilled her chocolate drink on my notebook, so if you can impose this rule, it'll be much better. However, if you spend a long time in you office area day and night, then eating might not be prevented so make sure you allocate enough space far enough from ruining equipment but near enough so you can easily grab your bite.

Calendars and bulletin boards should be current. If you have a lot of post-it notes all over your corkboard, then file away those that are already done or not current. Make sure you have your calendar or bullentin board in a place where you can easily see your appointments and reminders in an easy glance.

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