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A friend asked me what do I find enjoyable about browsing home online shopping stores? :D It's my own version of window shopping, the h... thumbnail 1 summary

A friend asked me what do I find enjoyable about browsing home online shopping stores? :D It's my own version of window shopping, the high-tech version! I love browsing around for the the latest bedroom furniture, living room furniture, wardrobes, home accents, well practically everything I could put in a home.

One of my passions is home decor and interior design. I'm hardly an expert on it but it's simply something I love and enjoy doing. For one, we have moved in different houses in the past few years and I've enjoyed fixing things and I've also picked up a lot of tips and tricks while doing it.

Online home furniture shops are also a great place to spot trends, to check out the latest discounted furniture and generally will give your great ideas about what you want to have the next time you want to redesign your house.

One of the best site finds I came across with is the Concept Furniture. I like their wide array of furnishings, the way they have categorized their collection in a way that would make it convenient to browse and look for what you want. They have living room furniture, bedroom furniture, Italian collection, TV stands, Luxury collection, wardrobes, entertainment centers, entrances, fine dining furniture, home accents, kitchen dining and bar furniture, sofa beds and what value hunters would like - discount furnitures. Plus they also have Home Decor News for those who are looking for tips and ideas that would works for their own home decor project.


Angelina said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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chinita said...

angelina, thank you. i visited your site and i liked it. pls do drop me an email.


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