How to Organize Your Closet With Space Saving Hangers

Here's an article I found written by Marnie Williams. I like these tips and I'm sure most homemakers who are finding it hard to org... thumbnail 1 summary

Here's an article I found written by Marnie Williams. I like these tips and I'm sure most homemakers who are finding it hard to organize their closets would find the tips most helpful.

If you want to be able to find and have storage space for all of your items in your closet, you can start tearing out the walls, or you can start using space saving hangers such as the ones in Huggable Hanger Sets. Huggable Hangers are much more space efficient than traditional "fat" hangers. In fact, using the sleek, slimmed down style of space saving hangers from Joy Mangano, you can reclaim as much as 30% of your closet storage space back.

Using slim hangers is only the beginning. Huggable Hanger Sets include other specialty space saving hanger styles such as cascading hangers and over the door hooks.

There are tiered hanger styles that allow multiple pairs of slacks to he hung vertically on in one traditional hanger space.

There are also tiered hangers for women's skirts that can hold up to 5 garments at once, again in the space of one traditional hanger. These types of hangers utilizes vertical space all the way to your closet floor, so be sure to hang the longest dress or skirts first, so that they do not drag the ground.

Tiered hangers are also a super way to organize the children's closets. It is now very simple and convenient to separate complete outfits into single hanger sets (whether for yourself or your kids. This and other simple time saving techniques will not only make your family's closet space more organized, it will also save you substantial time and hassle every day getting the children out the door during the morning rush.

Joy Managno also provides specialty tiered hangers that will eliminate the frustration of finding your favorite tie creased and mangled at the bottom of a dresser drawer, or the inability to find "that one" special belt before a night on the town. Now your ties will be right where you left them, in one spot, well organized, and easily accessible from you Huggable Hanger tie and belt tiered hanger hook.

Cascading hooks are a novel device used to double up on shirts, as tiered hangers allow multiple slacks to hang together. Cascading hooks allow you to color coordinate or otherwise categorize your clothing into hanging "sets". Group your long sleeved shirts and your short sleeved, your colors, or your whites. The choices are endless and solely based on what you want.

Because of this organizational simplicity, Cascading hooks very popular and useful to display clothing in shops and boutiques, where sorting by size or seasonal color is now as simple as a changing a single hanger set.

When considering the use of cascading hanger hooks, be aware that you need to use sturdy hooks and hangers, like the ones available in the Joy Mangano Huggable Hanger Sets collection or the weight of the clothing and hangers may not allow them to hold up. It is always best when trying to save space by using cascading hanger hooks, that you use slimmed hangers, and not traditional, fat, bulky ones. This can cause damage to your cascading hanger hooks due to the unneeded, extra weight.

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