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Earning from my blogs is very rewarding but it is not the main reason I am blogging to the point of addiction. One of the things I enjoy the... thumbnail 1 summary
Earning from my blogs is very rewarding but it is not the main reason I am blogging to the point of addiction. One of the things I enjoy the most about blogging is socializing and networking with other bloggers. Blogging has opened a lot of avenues for me, new online friends, new ways to share information with people who share my interests and hosts of other things. And for sometime now I had been wishing there would be one site where we could get the best of both worlds. A chance to build a community, network, get some traffic and still get the chance to earn money from our blogs.

The folks behind Payperpost and Blogger's Choice Awards probably had this in mind when SocialSpark was conceived. A combination of paid to blog services and social networking. Their tagline even says "Get Everyone Talking", so I got interested. I have just recently signed up and so far I find it great. So what can a blogger do with Social Spark?
  • Monitize your blog - Socialspark offers two types of opportunities for you to earn with your blog.
    1. Sponsored Post - an advertiser provides the opportunity as well as post guidelines and blogger will create post on his/her blog based on these guidelines. Advertiser pays for each individual post made.
    2. Blog Sponsorship - Advertiser's will use SocialSpark's innovative technology technology to create a welcome banner which can consist of video, text or image on the sponsored blog. Price is on a daily basis and depends on how many days your blog will run the sponsorship.
  • Drive traffic, link exchanges with Sparks - Sparks are also a marketplace opportunity offered by SocialSpark. These are free opportunities that would serve as blog post ideas, can be utilized by both blogger and advertiser. From what I have seen Sparks are a great opportunity for blogger to create buzz, generate traffic all at no cost.
  • Network and Build a Community with Fellow Bloggers - browse though blogs and other users and add friends. You can leave them messages ( but no spamming please :P) in short communicate and connect. You can also prop your friends, advertisers and blog sites. Props are your new way of giving someone your vote of confidence or high rating.
In terms of site functionality and aesthetics, SocialSpark is pretty colorful, can be easily navigated so you won't get lost :). On the left is the my profile page, neat isn't it? I have a thing though with the avatar, it's really hard to fix and I think I'm not the only one who have problem with it coz a lot of profiles I've seen have err distorted avatars hmm..

Interested in socializing with bloggers and earning as well, do check out SocialSpark and take advantage of the hosts of benefits it could offer you.

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