Great Flicks for Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all dads! I wish I could be with my father, he's in the province right now so that would be impossible so I wo... thumbnail 1 summary
Happy Father's Day to all dads! I wish I could be with my father, he's in the province right now so that would be impossible so I would just have to be content with phone lines. Chinks and I have been asking my husband how he'd like to celebrate Father's Day.. He says he wants me to cook his favorite meal and have a DVD marathon at home. I just love him, haha its so easy to please him Lol!

If you're spending some time at home with the daddies in your life then check out this great dad flicks you might want to watch..

MEET THE PARENTS (Robert de Niro and Ben Stiller) Male nurse Greg Focker meets his girlfriend's parents before proposing, but her suspicious father is every date's worst nightmare.

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (Will Smith and Jaden Smith) Chris Gardner has big dreams for him and his family but it doesn't seem to come together for him. Chris has an opportunity to be a stock broker but first he has to go through a grueling internship which means no pay. Chris decides to do it but when his wife leaves and he is evicted, he has to take care of his son on his own.

FATHER OF THE BRIDE (Steve Martin and Dianne Keaton) In this remake of the Spencer Tracy classic, George and Nina Banks are the parents of young soon-to-be-wed Annie. George is a nervous father unready to face the fact that his little girl is now a woman. The preparations for the extravagant wedding provide additional comic moments.

MRS.DOUBTFIRE (Robin Williams and Sally Field) Out of work father Daniel Hilliard find himself suddenly divorced without custody of his kids. To solve this problem, he disguises himself as an old Scottish nanny to get hired by his ex-wife and be closer to his kids. This one's a comedy but I still wonder why I cry buckets whenever I watch this.

FINDING NEMO (Albert Brooks and Ellen Degeneres) A father-son underwater adventure featuring Nemo, a boy clownfish, stolen from his coral reef home. His timid father must then travel to Sydney, and search Sydney Harbour find Nemo.

KRMAER VS. KRAMER (Dustin hoffman and Meryl streep) Ted Kramer is a career man for whom his work comes before his family. His wife Joanna cannot take this anymore, so she decides to leave him. Ted is now faced with the tasks of housekeeping and taking care of himself and their young son Billy. When he has learned to adjust his life to these new responsibilities, Joanna resurfaces and wants Billy back. Ted however refuses to give him up, so they go to court to fight for the custody of their son. My mom's favorite movie of all time and I ended up digging it too..

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL (Roberto Benigni) In 1930s Italy, a carefree Jewish book keeper named Guido starts a fairy tale life by courting and marrying a lovely woman from a nearby city. Guido and his wife have a son and live happily together until the occupation of Italy by German forces. In an attempt to hold his family together and help his son survive the horrors of a Jewish Concentration Camp, Guido imagines that the Holocaust is a game and that the grand prize for winning is a tank. This is also one of my favorite movies and it just shows what being a parent is all about.

CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN (Steve Martin) A dad played by Steve Martin moves his wife and 12 kids to a new city when he gets his dream job coaching a college football team. While his wife is out of town, the situation proves overwhelming. This one's hilarious but will impart lots of lessons on being a family.

BIG FISH(Ewan McGregor) In this humorous and touching tale directed by Tim Burton, a son gets to know his mysterious father by dissecting some of his dying dad's tall tales.


Mira said...

I've seen "Life Is Beautiful" in the movies and then several times on dvd. I cried a river each time. The love of the father for his little boy was really tremendous, he sheltered his little boy's innocence from the feeling of fright and panic given the seriousness of the situation. The boy's memories would only be that of the happy and funny thoughts of his father. I'm teary eyed just writing this comment ;-) I'm a cry-baby when I watch emotional movies, LOL.
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chinita said...

hi mira..

geez same here.. i'm a cry baby esp. when it comes to movies about family, mom/dad themes.

life is beautiful is one film I could watch over and over again.. its about war din but at the end I always have a warm feeling. Talk about parents love..

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