A Swimwear to Flatter Figure

It's summer and that means going to the beach for most people. I love summertime, I love beaches and I get so frustrated in choosing th... thumbnail 1 summary

It's summer and that means going to the beach for most people. I love summertime, I love beaches and I get so frustrated in choosing the right swimwear. Beaches are just five minutes walk away from my family home in the province and going to the beach is an almost daily habit for me.

Aside from being tanned, swimming is one of the greatest form of exercise and strengthens the lungs - an advantage to an asthmatic person like me.

Picking the right swimsuit that looks great and well enhances a "not so perfect" figure is a must. Why is that so? If you use the right swimwear that will disguise and hide your hated/problem body areas and accentuate your body's positive features, then you'll have more confidence to strut your stuff in beaches.

I don't have the perfect body and for years I've been dreaming of having one. I've finally realized that I have to live with the body I have and learn how to choose the swimwear I can wear with confidence. I've learned that
one piece swimsuits will de-emphasize the stomach area, so if you wear one piece, a tummy with a bit of bulge will be concealed. This is also perfect if you don't like revealing too much skin and its really functional too.

Colors can be used too to accentuate or emphasize your positive features. Black is great for slimming look and bright colors generally are slimming as well as great highlighter for your tan.

Tankinis are also a personal favorite. If your figure is a bit short or if like me even on my "thin" days I still don't have much of a small waist to speak of, then wear a tankini. It gives an appearance of having a slender waist. And lastly, I love sarongs! They are great flaw concealer and adds a more tropical touch to your beach attire.


Chelle said...

I love the tankini's - it is so nice to be able to have a top and a bottom but without exposing the world to my zebra stripes my two lovely children have given me!

Chie said...

This is great! Knowing the right swimsuit for your body. I have a not so good body as well. I used to wear a shirt and shorts when we swim, But today, I'm going to shop for the perfect swimsuit for me. This blog let me know what's the best swimsuit for my body type. Thanks for writing this...

Anyway I would like to add you to my friends list, if you don't mind??

pinaywife said...

hi chie! will add you as well..

happy blogging!

idealpinkrose said...

hi sis, thanks for visiting my kimchi blog...i linked you up, please link me up, too if you don't mind. hehehe...

enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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