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Since I gave birth I've been struggling to lose those extra pounds. I tried lots of diets, and exercises and right now I'm on Hip Ho... thumbnail 1 summary
Since I gave birth I've been struggling to lose those extra pounds. I tried lots of diets, and exercises and right now I'm on Hip Hop Abs Dance Exercise. I like it coz its not too structured and the music is nice and I love to dance so we're getting along just fine and I'm slowly getting back into shape with a good diet.

I read this in a health mag and thought I might share it. Being overweight is your body's reaction to a dysfunctional glandular system. According to Eric Berg, DC. (in his book The 7 Principles of Fat Burning), he explains that accessing body shape is crucial to creating the right plan to nurture the glands back to healthy functioning. You can achieve weight loss and better health after you help your body's glandular system operate in a balanced way.

Take a look at the four basic body types and nutrition/exercise plan for each.

  • THE ADRENAL TYPE - has fat sags from the abdomen. This type craves chocolates or salty food, is anxious, feels need for stimulants and has chronic inflammation.
Nutrition: eat foods high in potassium, calcium and Vitamin C plus 50 to 75 grams of protein daily.

Exercise: light, slow exercise.
  • THE OVARY TYPE - carries excess saddles around hips and thighs (saddlebags), with a bulge just beneath the navel. They often have pain in their lower back/hip area; women suffer from hot flashes and lowered sex drives and have many problems with menstruation.
Nutrition: consume lots of cruciferous vegetables (anti-estrogenic) plus 50 to 75 gms. of protein daily. Meats and fats should be hormone free.

Exercise: either light or intense.
  • THE THYROID TYPE - shows weight gain all over the body. They crave sweets, breads and pastas, can suffer from depression; often have brittle nails, dry hair and skin.
Nutrition: needs iodine and should consume lots of non-cruciferous vegetables, but not large amounts of protein. Should go light on fats.

Exercise: high intensity, short duration exercise.
  • THE LIVER TYPE - has a "potbelly" appearance. This type craves deep-fried food, has tightness or pain in the right shoulder, often suffers from flaky skin in eye brows and scalp and has hot or swollen feet, and is irritable in the morning.
Nutrition: eat potassium-rich foods such as cruciferous vegetables and consume easily digestible protein such as fish and eggs.

Exercise: High intensity, short duration exercise.

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