My Dad's Fight Against Prostate Cancer

My dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer since last year. For the longest time, I find it hard to talk about it or share the experie... thumbnail 1 summary

My dad has been diagnosed with prostate cancer since last year. For the longest time, I find it hard to talk about it or share the experience with others. He's already 78 and he decided to undergo prostate scraping to hold back the spread of cancer. Prayers and a change in diet has somehow played a big role in what looks to be good signs - his pse levels are down and normal and he's feeling well for the past few months.

I've decided to post about it coz there are time I feel like bursting with so much emotions that I feel the need to just let it all out. When his doctor advised to have his prostate specimen to undergo biopsy, it was me who went to the lab to get the results. I was alone that time, and you can just imagine the dread I was feeling. When the results came out, it was negative. We were so elated but a couple of days later, his pse levels was again on abnormal levels, so the doctor ordered another biopsy. This time it was positive, but thankfully not terminal.

Looking back, my dad has been far braver than us (my mom, me and my sister and bro) in accepting his fate. He kept telling us, we can get the best treatment, pray and just wait. He says he wont regret it if he's taken now because he had been happy and accomplished already what he had set out to do.

A lot of times he tells us, "Take care of your mom! You guys should always communicate, understand each other and don't fight for petty reasons." I think he coped better than us during the most trying times.

This made me realize our humanity. When faced with our mortality, its best to accept facts - this is difficult to do and would take a great deal of time, effort and support. Resolve any lingering issues, now I try to repair damaged relationships and make people you love know how you feel. Appreciate the little things in life..

I am a proud papa's girl and from childhood I've learned so much from him, have depended on him a lot of times and I didn't realize that till now he'd still be teaching me the most important lessons in life..

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. ~Danny Kaye

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daisy said...

gee i can so relate. i was also there when dad had his biopsy and i was the one who took the results too while he waited in the car. my hands were trembling as i opened the envelope. Praise God it was negative. now he's maintaining medicines and going for regular check ups and tests.

hugs to our dads! they're the greatest!

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