10 Tips to Successful Homeschooling

My husband and I have decided to homeschool our 5-year old daughter this summer, instead of enrolling her in a play-school. I think it would... thumbnail 1 summary
My husband and I have decided to homeschool our 5-year old daughter this summer, instead of enrolling her in a play-school. I think it would be a great for us to spend sometime together and besides, I love teaching her. I would just need to go around my schedules and decide on a few hours daily tutoring.

Sherri L. Chekal art director at Westvon Publishing. She is the editor of the popular http://www.TheParentTeacher.com and the http://www.TheHomeschoolShop.com websites, wrote an article on some tips on successful homeschooling.

1. Have fun. Attitude is everything with home learning. Enjoy learning and your kids will enjoy it. I've noticed if you display a dislike towards an activity, children would most likely be grumpy towards it too.

2. Limit interruptions. Keep your children's learning time sacred and your family will benefit from this. We usually have our schooling-time after lunch since at around this time, I am done with all my chores and most usually there are no interruptions.

3. Dedicate your time to their learning. Keep your focus on them, it is a priority that rewards!
Previously when I tutored my child, I would stop and do something, cook or do some errands and my child loses her momentum and interest so we've decided to schedule it in a way that I am focused on the task of teaching so my kid can focus on her task of learning.

4. Keep it simple. Be careful not to fall into the "Curriculum of the Month" club. Your children will quickly learn that all it takes in a bit of whining and they'll have a new book, workbook or system in no time. Also, simplify your life. Too many commitments and outside activities and responsibilities can really wreck havoc with your schedule. Try to keep your life simple and you will be rewarded.

5. Have FAITH! In yourself, your kids and in God. If you are doing the best you can, you will be rewarded. Provide them with your time and enthusiasm, good basic materials and faith and you will do as well if not better than that poor teacher can. You have the best interest of your children in your heart. Let it work for them.

6. When in doubt READ! Reading is the best way for your kids to learn and retain. Gather up the brood and snuggle on the couch with a good classic. Reading aloud is a wonderful activity for your family. Even experienced readers will love to hear a story aloud, especially when they don't have to sound out each word and get through those they may not know. There is a rhyme and rhythm to books read aloud that delights even little ones.

7. Surround yourself with home school mentors. Even a good home education magazine will help you in your quest. Read home education books when you are in need of a little boost.
8. Use the Library!

9. Take frequent break days. The children will be pleased and you will get a chance to regroup. Just make sure they aren't every other day!

10. Watch for outside time stealers! Field trips and social outings and classes for this and that are important, just make sure you are not overdoing it. Too many errands and outings can kill a day's learning and overwhelm your schedule.

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Henry Cate said...

Good luck. We've been homeschooling for years and greatly enjoy it.

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