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Got tagged by Joy and I'm actually getting into this tagging thing... 1. Are you in a complicated love situation? { :) nope I'm m... thumbnail 1 summary
Got tagged by Joy and I'm actually getting into this tagging thing...

1. Are you in a complicated love situation? { :) nope I'm married to the man I love...}
2 . Do you hate more than 3 people?{ No, some people I don't like but I haven't hated anyone yet}
3 . The last thing you drank?{ Soya Milk}
4 . Favorite chocolate bar? {Cadbury Caramello}
5. Have you ever tripped someone?{ hehe yep! my brother...}
6. How many pairs of shoes do you own?{I lost count. I have a lot at home and a whole lot gathering dust in my parents house..}
7. Have you ever thrown up in public?{ Nope, and I hope I never will }
8 . Favorite genre of music?{ Acoustic, Jazz, Pop, recently I'm into a lot of J-Pop! }
9. Do you like beer?{ Nope, but I drink it nonetheless!}
10. What are your favorite colour(s)?{Blue and Purple }
11. Is anyone in love with you?{ Yes! well, he'd better be... }
13.Pepsi or Sprite?{ Pepsi}
14. How many video games do you own?{ None...I'm utterly clueless when it comes to video games}
15. Does look matters?{ Nope...all people will get wrinkled, so much for good looks.. }
16. Are you too forgiving?{ Yes, so much so that sometimes people take advantage of me. }
17. Do you own something from Hottopic?{ Nothing }
18. Do you own a gun?{ Nope...hehehe}
19. What did you do last night?{ cropping a whole batch of pics for my catalogue }
20. Nicknames?{ Lisa, Lui, Looks, Honey }
21. If you had a super power, whatwould it be?{ Power to make people be more forgiving and understanding}
22 . Are you thinking about somebody right now?{Yes, my parents..}
23 . Ever called somebody Boo?{ Yes, I call my daughter at times Baby Boo..}
24. Are you happy with your life right now?{ Yes.}
25. Do you like your hair?{ I have an alluring hair}
26 . Does anyone like you?{ Hopefully yes! I'm not a witch hehe}
27 . Last thing you read?{ Friends blogs}
28 . Are you afraid of the dark?{no, dont have that problem}
29 . Have you ever stripped?{when I take a bath hehe}
30. Have you ever broken someone’sheart?{ Yes...I felt bad..}
31. Can you cook?{I love to cook!}
32. things that annoy you?{traffic, delays}
33 . Money or Love?{Love}
34 . What do you want more than anything right now? {Courage to face a new life ahead of us...We're moving to another country in a few months time}
35. Do you enjoy scary movies?{ Yes! I love being scared.}
36. Marriage Or Live In?{ Marriage}
37. When was the last time you said "ilove you" ?{ A few seconds ago...said I love You to my daughter.}

I hope you can share your thoughts...Fyrnz, Ellen, Ruby.


***FYRNZ*** said...

hey there pinaywife.. thanks for tagging me.. ill grab this one later on.. ill keep u posted then..

stay safe!

ellen_heartbeats said...

Hi there! Got ur Tag sis..and I will post it the soonest possible time...thanks for dropping by and for the tag as well

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