Look Thinner Without Losing Weight?

I'm in a bit of a panic. Well its almost Christmas and I haven't reached my goal of losing 10lbs. (I've had this goal for about... thumbnail 1 summary

I'm in a bit of a panic. Well its almost Christmas and I haven't reached my goal of losing 10lbs. (I've had this goal for about 4 months now, LOL!) and I am expecting I'll be a few pounds "richer"after the season.

Came across this article and hopefully it could help me and I'm posting it so others in same boat as me can try this approach. I am not encouraging being lax on dieting/exercise but then sometimes we all need emergency measures :)

Attempting to look thinner when there's no time to diet is a handy life skill. Best of all, while control-top underwear is required, these tricks of light and Spandex require no suffering--which cannot be said of liquid fasts, laxatives, body wraps and other get-thin-quick solutions. Here's a head to toe approach to looking thinner.

  1. Increase the volume of your hair. You don't need to spray it up to 1980s Jersey girl levels, but do amp up the fullness factor. Better yet, add some cheekbone contouring layers to shape your face in just the right place. This is not a good time for pulled back looks like ponytails.
  2. Make your eyes look bigger with artfully applied make up. Drawing attention to the eyes can detract attention from full cheeks and double chins. Keep lipstick colors matte and light.
  3. Apply self-tanner or catch some rays. A suntan will make you look instantly thinner.
  4. Dress yourself slim. Stick to dark colors and thin, vertical stripes. Moderately cut V-necks and knee-length skirts are slenderizing, as are fitted, layered clothes. Ruching can cause tops and dresses to cling to just the right places.
  5. Wear the right underwear. Invest in a body slimmer--you can spot treat unwanted curves or buy a torso-to-thigh contraption. Make sure you are wearing the right size bra; if your breasts look droopy, they will contribute to the fullness in your middle, while a perky bustline makes the waist look smaller.
  6. Choose shoes with a platform wedge, which makes you look taller and thinner. Plus, high heels emphasize the curve of your calf muscles. Avoid ankle straps if you want to make your legs look slimmer.
  7. Walk with perfect posture. Getting rid of the slouching habit instantly reduces your perceived weight by a good five pounds.

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