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Does our personalities have an impact on our housecleaning styles? Well, it does a nd I found this nic e article on the net... let me share... thumbnail 1 summary
Does our personalities have an impact on our housecleaning styles? Well, it does and I found this nice article on the net... let me share: Your personality affects your indoor environment:
  • Impatient? Then you need a cleaner and a plan that work fast!
  • Perfectionist? Then you need the right cleaning tools...
  • Attracted to the newest tech? Then you want the latest cleaning equipment and products. One of the newest trends is to remove oneself from the grunge. Sponges appear on handles, and mops are made in such a way that hands never touch buckets or floors.
  • Environmentalist? Then you buy green cleaners and are attracted to natural scents such as grapefruit and orange or fragrance-free products.
  • Romantic? Then packaging is important, as are floral aromas.
  • Health conscious? You’ll want to educate yourself about allergies and asthma, or whether a cleaner can truly tackle Salmonella and E. coli.
  • Live for the shine? I read once about a woman who wiped down all the bathroom faucets every day before she left her house for work, because otherwise she could not live with herself. She had high self-expectations and valued the aesthetic. When she walked in the door at night she wanted to see sparkle.
  • Creative type? Pick out home furnishings that say “you” so much that — even if they require special care and extra steps to clean — they constantly reinforce your feeling that you made the right purchase.
(tips by Elizabeth B. Goldsmith, Ph.D. of

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