Looking for Accent Tables?

I am. Were actually planning to rebuild our house here in Phnom Penh and I guess I'm ecstatic,and as usual have gotten ahead of myself, and has been exploring a lot of decor possibilities. Space is limited but I want a totally nice look, with classy furnishings but those that won't cost an arm and a leg, and they must also be space savers.

Which made me think of adding functional accent tables which could double as decor. So I embarked on an online quest to look for some table-decor ideas. One thing I had been looking up - console hall tables. This is a fab decor idea specially if you don't have much space and would make a stunning addition to a bare foyer. I would love to have this..

I'm thinking of having a bit of Asian look for our foyer and this one looks Oriental but structured enough to appeal to my more modern furniture taste.

Modern cocktail tables can also make a great addition to the living area. We entertain a lot and much as I'd like to impose the rule that eating should be confined to the dining area or the kitchen, the kiddo, friends and guests usually find it comfortable to chat in the living room while eating. Which presents a dilemma for me on where to place those plates and goodies? The answer would be having cocktail tables about. And I like this type..

An alternative would be to add round accent tables. These would look great on corners and odd spaces. Come to think of this, they would even look great as bedside tables!  They would make a great place to add a vase or some greens or place coffee table books for your guests. And as for me, they would make a great place for my paperbacks and magazines and my tablet, which usually just end up on the floor beside the bed and under it.

There are lots of styles I have seen for accent tables and surely one would suit each one's tastes and space requirements.