My Vaccum Cleaner Search

Our new place here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia is small so I thought I could do without a vacuum cleaner. Lol! I think I was deluding myself that time. And it was a bad decision coz both me and my daughter have a bad case of asthma. It was only when our neighbor made a new house that I realized I made a mistake not getting myself a reliable vacuum cleaner. Coz, by golly!!! It was so dusty in the house when we arrived after our month long vacation in the Philippines.

Anyway, hubby who is in US right now till December asked me if I wanted him to buy one since the ones available here are really limited. I'm thinking of getting a hand held and compact vacuum would do but I was searching some sites and I was again enamored with the steam vacuum which I think would work much better for us (with asthma problems) since water filter steam vacuums drowns the dust instead of it being suctioned into a bag. And I was pretty amazed too at the low prices..

The problem now is how to get it here. He could bring it and stow it in his luggage so the primary consideration would be the dimensions and the weight. On the other hand, we could just have it shipped here via some courier but we'll see about the shipping costs.

Here's what I've been mulling over..All choices I picked out from

Canister Type:

Dirt Devil - Tattoo Canister Vacuum - Black Ivy - $79.99

Hoover - Portable Canister Vacuum - $59.99

Panasonic - Canister Vacuum - $99.99

Steam Cleaners: I really, really like this! And I'm on searching for reviews of this product.

Shark - Steam Pocket Handheld Steam Cleaner - $89.99

Stick Vacuums:

Dirt Devil - AccuCharge Bagless Cordless Stick Vac - $59.99

Shark - Bagless Cordless 2-in-1 Hand and Stick Vacuum - $69.99

Hmm, so which one should I pick?