Photo Hunt 209: Covered

Interesting art deco roof, Psar Thmei (Central Market) Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The middle dome..

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bing said…
it's like one of those ceilings in churches..
Of course, I like this one, too. One of the many legacies of the Frenchies in Cambodia. Can't wait to see the interior of the newly-repaired Central Market.
Marta said…
This is a really interesting and beautiful photo. I would not have guessed what it was. I think it is perfect for this week's theme.
Alice Audrey said…
Great detail. Are those windows or lights?
Susanne said…
That's really amazing.
lui said…
@Bing, yes it looks like it..

@Z, oo nga. its very distinctive di ba..

@Marta, thank you.

@Alice, those are small vents so light and air can easily get through. Great design as it keeps the place really well ventilated. No need for AC

@Chubskulit, thank you.

@Susanne, yes. thanks..