Add Some Gleam To Your Home

Most of the time I prefer bright, light and airy interiors. Bright and light areas in the house creates the illusion of a bigger space and personally I find it much more easier to breathe especially for living and kitchen areas. Bedrooms are a different thing though, I find it more relaxing to have a bit of darker furnishings here. Anyway, this post is about adding some gleam and brightness to your home.

One is to use light paint colors, like whites, beige, off white..This would easily brighten up the room and makes it appear bigger. Another trick is to use white and bright lighting. Also make use of mirrors, as this reflects light and lets it bounce throughout the room.

Another good idea is to use stainless steel home decor. I like this idea of incorporating stainless steel items to the living area as well as the kitchen. Take for instance,this blomus stainless steel fireplace accessories would definitely add a touch of brightness as well as modern elegance to your living area.

As for the kitchen, feel free to add stainless steel flatware or how about adding one of these blomus stainless steel wall mounted wine rack? It'll make a very interesting as well as functional addition to your kitchen or bar area. 

While you're at it, you might want to add  stainless steel mailboxes to add some gleaming brightness to your outdoor area or if you have a garden area, why not add some of these polished garden globes as your garden accent?


eRLyN said…
those are absolutely sleek and lovely. i wish i can someday afford to have that in my house.