Why Having Rain Barrels Is A Good Idea

You probably have a garden or you're obsessive about washing your car or scrubbing your porch clean. Either way, this could really mean consuming thousands of gallons of water each year. Everyone I'm sure would like to save from paying for and consuming this much water. Not just for financial reasons but really its doing mother nature a favor.

Rain barrels is one big way to save water and your household utility budget. It's actually quite simple, rain barrels are used to collect water runoff from your house roof. This utilize your gutter as well as a downsprout system.

Rain harvesting will save you a big portion of your utility budget and aside from that it presents some more benefits like regulating the amount of water that is deposited in your building foundation and it also controls water from going other drain systems, plus it helps prevent runoff of pollutants that could enter local water sources.

Here's some tips on installing your rain water barrels:

1. Locate your rain barrels near where you would be using it. It's a good idea too to place concrete pavement or block under your rain barrel.

2. Place a downspout hose to the end (or some rain barrels already comes with this). Add also a garden hose to the spout. This would come in more handy if you need to use your stored rainwater.

3. If you have a lawn or a garden, check also on adding a soaker hose to the spout. This would allow water to trickle directly to your plants roots. You may also connect a timer so it will turn off automatically on/off.