Locker Decorating Tips

When I was in school I just thought of my locker as a personal dumping place for my school stuff. And it's a place most people really just overlook and take for granted. But I just realized that school lockers can really also be a place where you can stamp your personality and show your creativity. Too bad I don't have any lockers now but here's some ideas for sprucing up your locker.

Think of the overall look you want for your locker. More specifically think of a single theme you want for decorating your personal space. The best inspirations are those things you enjoy doing or your favorites. For example you have fascination for say, Star Wars movies then this can be your main theme.

Start decorating your locker with that theme in mind. You can add shelf-paper, which you can easily purchase from bookstores.You can make use of movie posters or gift wrappers too. Whichever you fancy really just be creative. Once you have the material, measure the shelves (bottom) as well as the walls (if you want to decorate this as well). Shelf-paper usually comes with self-adhesives but if you use other kinds of paper, using double adhesive tapes can make it easier too.

Spruce it up more. You can add other elements like photos, stickers, mirror, magnets. The choice is really limitless, just be imaginative and stick to the theme. Don't overcrowd though.

Adding a to-do list, a calendar or a mini-white board can also be great so you can easily be reminded of things you need to accomplish.

If you have wood lockers, be careful about using pins or sticking too much stuff on it. Make sure you use items that can easily be peeled off or washed.