Unique Nelson Marshmallow Sofa

When it comes to seating furniture comfort and aesthetics should really blend in together. And this came to mind when I came across the George Nelson Marshmallow Sofa. It looks modern and chic and its quite difficult to believe that this design has been turning heads since 1956. This makes the design an all time classic.

18 pieces of 10-inch marshmallow-like cushions arranged to float on a steel frame. Durable, colorful, stunning and comfortable.

Know more about the Nelson Marshmallow Sofa as well as other innovative furnishings @ Herman Miller's Website. They also have a listing of their authorized online retailers as well as store locations.


moss bens said…
very informative ideas,i think this designer modern classic sofa stand out among so many contemporary designs with its unique features and sexy design.The Nelson Marshmallow sofa does deserve the respect of the modern world.