Discuss finances with your husband? This is one of the least romantic things you can do with your husband. And it could lead to "fight... thumbnail 1 summary

Discuss finances with your husband? This is one of the least romantic things you can do with your husband. And it could lead to "fights" too. Money not just represent dollars or pesos, but it could equate to power, security and self-worth, that is why money is often a very touchy subject between couples.

Money however is very much a part of marriage. Everyday, a lot of decisions involve around money. Grocery budgets, bills to pay, services to use, school fees,a lot of these depends on how much and how you manage money.

Oftentimes however, couples have differing attitudes towards money. Couples also with different backgrounds have different roles in mind with regards to how money is handled. It is a must that couples be able to work out their "money differences". Here are some tips I've read about and some discussed with other couple friends.

  • Communicate openly - each should be able to talk to each other about personal difficulties. Practice this by making a habit of talking to each other everyday about things that happened during the day. When you have open communication, its easier to deal with problems together.
  • Keep financial records in one safe place - couple should have equal access to financial info when they need it. This discourages the feeling that something is being hidden from you. In our case we have a joint account where both of can access finances and info.
  • Each must have own money space - this really works for us and helps with budgeting too. Me and my husband both get monthly allowance from our joint account and we can do as we please with it. He can spend it on his computer peripherals, gadgets and cd's and I'm free to buy shoes and bags as much as my budget allows. :)
  • Be forthcoming with what is really bugging you - Got this tip from a friend. She and her husband used to fight a lot coz she was earning more than him and this hurt his ego. I think they had been able to talk about it and settle it coz now they are going strong. ^_-
  • Stick to your plans - Whenever we plan for short or long-term purchases or savings, we stick to it. Before we saved and then one of us would change minds and channel the money for other things. This left the other feeling disappointed. After all both of you made the effort to save.

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