Styling Idea for Your Garden

I just got back from my parents place in the Philippines and it was great soaking up on my mom's huge garden. We had been discussing what new things to do with her garden and I suggested she add  garden arbors to lend a more romantic feel to the area where she has lots of ferns and orchids. The she can plant  flowering vines there!

Adding arbors to a garden just gives it a more stylish and cozy feel. It's decorative of course. I can't help but think of romance and weddings when I see a garden with a nice looking new england arbors! They do lend a formal garden allure to a garden of any size. Aside from being decorative, arbors are also functional. Take the photo above, the arbor also functions as shade, and would make great trellis for climbing plants! Imagine having lots of scented flowering vines all over your arbor?

Garden arbors comes in a great variety of materials and styles. Popular ones are wood, metal and vinyl. And in a whole variety of sizes. When picking one, keep the layout of your garden in mind, the size that would fit and how strong your arbor should be. In the case of my mom, our place is oftentimes visited by typhoons, so best she pick a metal arbor...