Summer Flowers on My Garden

Ooops, its March and summer's almost upon us. Time flies. I guess I was just too distracted with some things at home and my online work. But anyway, one of the things I was so into the past few weeks was gardening! Yes, I want some color and bright flowers on our home so we brought in lots of hibiscus, roses, orchids and some hanging vines. Most of them are on planters since we don't have a big yard.

It just tickles me pink that one of my rose plants are now flowering. Yes and in red!! Love the color. One must admit these beautiful flowers add color and a sense of freshness as well as warmth to any place. Ambiance, if you must have another word.

i would love to have something like this near our patio but with petunias..

Next week I want to look for some vintage pots or some decorative planters for our patio.I'm thinking of filling it petunias of various shades.Hahaha I know I'm all for rioting colors this summer. I'm also putting in a lot of hanging pots as well window box planters with clinging vines with nice green foliage.

lovely right? I wish I could grow flowers like these.. but I simply don't have the time. teehee

Thankfully my husband is all in for the project. He loves gardening too and doesn't mind that I keep ordering him about.