Mammut Children’s Furniture from IKEA

Decorating a child’s room is a really fun fun task! In fact, I often think of it not as a task or work but more like fun time! Hubby and I are planning on rebuilding our house soon. One primary change would be room provisions for a home office, a bedroom/study room for our daughter, and a guest room.

I could barely summon much interest in looking up ideas for all the other rooms but I’m having a blast hopping from one site to another soaking up ideas for the kiddo’s room. Here’s a recent find from Swedish furniture firm IKEA. I love these Mammut Series of children’s furniture.

They are colorful, functional and looks really sturdy. Too bad we don’t have IKEA here but I want something like these..Lol! I feel like I’m in some storybook just looking at these.

Mammut children’s nightstand - $29.99

ikea mammut nightstand

Mammut Wardrobe - $179

ikea mammut wardrobe

Mammut 3-Drawer chest - $129

ikea mammu 3 drawer chest Mammut Shelf Unit - $99

ikea mammut shelf unit

Mammut Bedframe with slatted bed base - $159.99

ikea mammut bedframe

Mammut children’s stool-$7.99

ikea mammut childrens stool

Mammut children’s chair - $14.99

ikea mammut childrens chair 

Mammut Children’s Table - $34.99

ikea mammut children table