Dressing Up Your Windows, The Budget-Conscious Way

I love curtains! They are just perfect if you want to add a little pizzazz to a room without breaking the bank. In fact, curtains adds a really homey, and pretty feel to any room. Be it your living room, your bedroom, or your kid’s bedroom. palace-jacquard-drapes-ivory-large With curtains, you can either splurge on top of the line curtains and have it professionally installed or you can even do-it-yourself! Personally, I prefer doing it myself. And if I’m on a really tight budget, its amazing how many pretty curtains you can find in second-hand shops!

Curtains, drapes, hardware for your window are pretty easy to put together. If you opt to do it by yourself, it’ll save you a lot, and of course, you’ll most definitely be stamping your own personal style on it. All it needs is a little sewing skill and materials. Here’s an excellent tutorial I found in eHow.com on how to sew your own curtains.

The biggest expense with this project of course is the fabric. Department stores have some really nice selections of cheap curtain fabrics and items on clearance. There are also lots of online shops selling discounted fabrics like FashionFabricsClub. And one of the best places to find cheap fabric is at second-hand fabric/curtain shops.

If you don’t particularly like to sew, but still want to make your own curtain, then you can still make your own beautiful but no sew curtains using flat sheets. This is an excellent idea, one that I’ll probably give a try..

If do-it-yourself is not your preferred way but would still like to dress up your windows on  budget, then there are still plenty of places you can find curtains, drapes, hardware for your window that are very affordable. Online shops offer a variety of budget curtain choices, in fact you’ll be spoiled for choices once you start looking and browsing around these online curtain shops like curtainworks.com.



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