Children’s Bedroom Sets – Pentamobili Camilla

Pentamobili, an Italian furniture company, has a really impressive array of children’s bedroom furniture sets that I had a hard time choosing which one to feature. This time I’m picking their Camilla product line since it is really really appealing to me.I love the pale and muted colors used.. It has that quaint, country and very homey feel to it, not to mention the functionality each arrangement exudes..

pentamobili-camilla  pentamobili-camilla-0

pentamobili-camilla-1 pentamobili-camilla-2

pentamobili-camilla-3 pentamobili-camilla-4

pentamobili-camilla-5 pentamobili-camilla-6

pentamobili-camilla-7 pentamobili-camilla-8

pentamobili-camilla-9 pentamobili-camilla-10



The color design from the bed of your children also plays an important role to attract your children to enjoy their bedroom environment and helps to stimulate your child's imagination. Nice!
Nice post! The interiors of the houses seen on the photos are very lovely and cozy. It is also very modern.