Planning To Set Up A Home Office

I've been toying with the idea of setting up a home office. You see, I work from home plus hubby is a professor so we have piles of paper, computers, printing supplies etc. It's not a good sight specially when were busy and no time to get organized. For the meantime, I have a big working desk set up near our living area, with a huge book shelf at my back for our books and materials. This isn't enough though, especially since our daughter started school too and now has her own paper clutter. So, things get cluttered down on the floor.

So I'm seriously thinking of setting up a real home office. Another thing is that I just use random chairs in the house whenever I work on my computer and it can really lead to back pains. I should be getting some office chairs since these are designed for comfort and to lessen the pressure on my back whenever I work long hours. 

I'm now organizing things and planning how I'd set up our home office. I'm keeping the desk I currently use and I'm planning on splurging on good executive chairs. Tsk, tsk, I know I'm no executive but I'm plenty concerned about my comfort and the condition of my back. Were also adding another filing/organizing cabinet because I don't like things piled up on the floor. Of course, I have to draw up at least a rough drawing of the layout so getting around our small nook won't be a problem too. I'm thinking of having an L-shaped layout like the photo above, but I want it pushed over in the corner of the room...Any thoughts?