Finding Plus Size Maternity Clothes

In case you're wondering, no, I'm not pregnant. Not yet, anyway. I'm betting the next question in your mind would be, "Then, why are you looking for plus size maternity clothes? Well, because I personally find them so comfy! 

I'll let you in on a little secret, those plus size maternity clothing I used to wear when I was pregnant with Chinks, I still wear them almost everyday! But only at home.Lol! Though I was hardly plus size that time, I found myself shopping for plus size maternity clothes because I love having a lot of room. I also live in a tropical country so it could get really hot and sticky and wearing clothes that is a little roomy makes the heat more bearable. 

Anyway, I'd been browsing for online sites for maternity clothes recently because, yes! we plan to have another child. And the fashionista in me refuses to wear not-so-stylish clothes so I've been browsing sites selling plus size maternity clothes so I get a feel of what's available. Also some of my friends recommends checking out online shops selling plus size clothes if in case those maternity styles doesn't appeal to me..

Another friend is asking why I am being so picky when it comes to maternity clothes. Well, just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I should look lousy! Take the photo above for instance, don't you think she looks fab and sexy even if she's pregnant? So lucky for us there's some fab maternity fashion that we could choose from now. I just googled and found lots of sites specializing in fashion for mom-to-be... On with the search.