Tips for Making Your Own Home Garden

You have extra space in your front or backyard and don't know what to with it? Why not turn it into a miniature garden? It could also b... thumbnail 1 summary

You have extra space in your front or backyard and don't know what to with it? Why not turn it into a miniature garden? It could also be an extension of your entertaining area and would be great for weekend outdoor entertaining.

Your garden would definitely add more uniqueness as well as beauty to your home. In fact, home designing and styling is not only limited to just inside the home hence the term home and garden. And same as inside your home, the only limit of how you can make a garden is your imagination.

The first things you have to decide on is where to locate your garden. Next is the measurements. Then once you have that settled, its time to do some planning. You can hire a landscape artist or you can do it by your own. If you decide to do it by your own, you might be in for some fun time. Magazines and the internet are good places to search for ideas as well as items you can add to your garden as garden accents.

A visit to your local horticulture shop would also be great. You can source plants from there and can also get expert advice on what are the suitable plants and how to care for them.

Starting a home garden might be a bit overwhelming at first but its fun. Making this a family project would be a great idea too and a fun weekend project if you have kids who can join it. My parents house has a huge garden and it has grown to that over the years and it was all a family effort. I could still recall every weekend how we worked on plots of our own and our parents gave us the freedom to design our garden anyway we want to. And now that both of them are retired, the garden has turned out to be their main hobby. A great way for them to have lots of sunshine and exercise while doing what they love the most - gardening.

I think anyone could do just the same. Here's some tips that might be handy when you start your own home garden.

  • Start small. Select a small section of your area and start from there and then once you get the hang of it, you can expand your little garden..
  • Once you have a plan, think and decide on what type of plants to grow. Ask for expert help if you need to. Different plant species have differing needs so choose the ones that would best suit your garden area as well as your plant caring ability.
  • Having a physical plan or a simple area map of your garden is a good idea too. It would give you an overall feel of your garden and makes it easier to place plants, accents in their most suitable areas.
  • Note your garden dimensions. This is specially important in mapping and planning your garden.
  • Before you decide on the type of plants, think also of the full grown height and space needed for each type of plant. Make sure you give enough space for them to grow and it would also affect the overall look of your garden.
  • The quality of your garden soil is also important. It should be moist and doesn't easily break apart. If its too sandy or clayish then you might need to add garden soil.
  • Know more about plant caring as well as pests and insects. Don't hesitate to ask your local gardener or horticulurist for help.

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