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I let you in on a secret. I love fixing stuff. I love home organizing but my least favorite part of the house to organize is the kitchen. Why? Simply because the clutter just easily goes back to being clutter after I organize it. Added to the fact the I love to cook and when I do I tend to be messy :D.

And when that happens it frustrates me no end. So I had to think of ways on how I could effectively organize my kitchen clutter in a way that would match how I work in the kitchen.

Being organized doesn't exactly mean everything is clean and neat with nothing in sight except the basic furnishings. Being organized means everything is in place and you can easily reach out and get the stuff you need if you need it. The solution then would be to have a place for everything and making sure that those designated places are right where you'll be able to reach it easily.

I've browsed online for stuff I could make use to organize my kitchen clutter especially my collection of spices, wines, as well as my pots. I found JK Adams with plenty of gizmos to help eliminate kitchen clutter.

I love spices. My husband and I are both into tasting and experimenting with different cuisines. We love Italian, Chinese, Indian and now I am really into trying out different Khmer and Thai foods which heavily uses spices. So every time I cook, these stuff just goes everywhere and this jk adams spice rack would just do the trick. I like the carousel since it would keep the bottles in a limited area plus it can be easily accessed. The horizontal wood spice rack would work well too..

Another kitchen I liked is the jk adams pot rack. This surely makes for easy access. Hang it near your stove or if you prefer the standing wooden version, place it where you can easily grab it. I consider my pots one of the most precious things in my kitchen so I have having them inside cabinets and I prefer seeing them and easily getting them when I'm cooking in a rush. So this pot racks will really work for me.

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