What's The Temperature?

The weather here in our place is worrying me a bit. Of course, I'm used to the extreme weather experienced in tropical countries but the past few years we've seeing a lot of extreme weather patterns. In the Philippines, there has been a lot of typhoons, floods and when its not rainy it gets extremely hot. And I'm quite worried about it since my mom is there.

Here in Phnom Penh, while were lucky we don't exactly experience strong typhoons, but were getting a lot of heat (too much) during summer and now were getting a lot of thunderstorms and heavy rains. And the most annoying thing is that, this past few weeks, often the day starts really sunny and hot, then midway through the day the thunderclouds start acting up.

While I'm not really sure what could be done to change things, but we could surely adapt. My husband have installed an indoor digital thermometer and now he's contemplating adding an outdoor thermometer. So right now, were searching for the Best Digital Thermometer  we could find.

We installed the indoor thermometer mainly because both me and my daughter both suffer from asthma and specially me, needs to have regulated temperature. When there is too much drop in temperature, I easily get chills and colds.

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net