On The Job Hunt

I've been freelancing for the past five years already. I'm dabbling in blogging, web and graphic design, and also internet/affiliate marketing. It's all satisfying and frankly the earnings is really good. And what I love is that I can dictate the hours I work. So I can set aside time for things that really matter.

But one thing I really really miss about working on a regular job is the social interaction. Sure I have friends right now, but working alone and at home sometimes hinder me from meeting new people and forming a bigger work network.

So now I'm considering getting back to work, even just part time because I still want to continue my current work and commitments. Since I'm based in Cambodia where there is a huge presence of non-governmental and non-profit organizations I wonder if I would give nonprofit careers a serious look? 

It would be one way to help the society and the place which I now call my second home and also get the job I would enjoy. Hmm. This is something I seriously need to think about.
Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net