Is Your Home Secured?

Finally, after eons I'm back to updating this blog. I know I feel like I've been neglecting my blogging duties but I was without much choice. I went back to the Philippines to help care for my ailing father. He sadly passed away a few weeks ago. Now, I'm back to Phnom Penh and home. 

I got really swapped with lots of housework and it has also been nerve wracking to leave our house for months without proper security. When I was not here, hubby and my daughter usually stay with my in-laws. So that left our house all alone. 

We did ask our neighbor to have a look at the house from time to time, but I know that is inadequate. Which made me think its high time we install a good home alarm system. While some might consider this a luxury, for me though an adequate home security systems is a necessity. Particularly since we always travel, and the city is now booming and getting too crowded for my liking. Just because we don't have millions in cash stashed in our closets doesn't mean we don't need to think of home security.

Having this in mind, I did some research about various home security systems and I was surprised by the variety of choice and their affordability. I'm pretty much impressed with ADT home security though. I wonder if this is available in my locality? But if it is available in your place, I would recommend having a look at this system. Every home is worth securing after all.