Been Awhile..

You might have noticed, last April I posted the least compared to all months this blog has been online. Why? I’m itching to revamp it and buy a new domain then move it to Wordpress.

But I had been putting it off. For two main reasons (1) I don’t want to loose the current page rank which I had been enjoying for the past two years. (2) Sentimental reasons. Lol! I moved all of my blogs but this to Wordpress already. This is my first ever blog and I find it hard to move and see changes. Oh, well..

After much dilly dallying, in the end I decided to create a totally new blog dedicated to home trends, architecture and interior design – Simply Home Style. I would still update this blog, and by the end of the year this would be sporting a custom domain name but it would remain with Blogger. Sort of, like a thank you to Blogger for getting me to start.

For now, you’ll be seeing constant updates.