A Brand New Year...

Time really flies! I'm still on trying to get to used to the new year 2011 mode. And it just occurred to me that this blog is almost on its 4th year! Whew! I just can't believe that I had been blogging that long and I have somehow managed to keep it up. I know posts on this site has been coming sporadically, but I do plan to rectify that.

I don't have plans to abandon this blog, I love this to pieces, since its my first ever blog. This is simply where I began and I plan to plod on for many many more years. I do have plans for site improvement, one I had already started - a brand new look. Pinaywife Atbp. is now sporting the Simply Minimal Theme by Splashy Templates. It has that clean, easy to navigate look that I really favor. I like the content to be highlighted so I usually pick themes with less images and that are uncluttered. I am really really loving this new look.

Towards the end of 2010, I had been on the verge of buying a domain for this blog and moving the whole thing to Wordpress but I decided to put it off towards the end of 2011 because I'm thinking I don't want to lose my PR just yet (for some secret reason hehe). But for sure, before 2012 comes this will be sporting a new domain already.

So for now, expect more posts about home styling, home trends, home furnishing, home decor shopping, picks and whatever strikes my fancy. I'm hoping to up my posting frequency to at least 20 posts per month. Till later. And oh, Happy New Year!