Just a Bit about Chloramine Water Filter

I used to say this, if I was made to choose between having water and electricity, I'd much rather deal with no electricity than without water. Can you imagine yourself, not taking a bath, drinking just drops, not being able to wash clothes, dirty dishes and all. Truth is water is so all important and necessary for everyone, especially their health. Having said that, the next thing that concerns me most is that the water available in our homes should be clean and uncontaminated. 

I know a lot of water works authorities in any of the many municipalities add chlorine to the purify water that comes out of our taps but recently, chloramines are also added to our water. This is particularly alarming as chloramines have been reported to have ill effects on health. And it has also been reported that to remove chloramines is a lot harder than it is to remove chlorine, so imagine how tough they are on our bodies. 

Admittedly, I hate the taste and smell of chlorine and worse is if he chloramine is in there too; this happens when ammonia is added to chlorine in water. A chloramine water filter will come in handy for this purpose. I guess I'm sufficiently concerned about this. How can one not be? We don't only use tap water for bath or washing, in some places, we drink it and cook with it, and even if you drink water from water purifying stations, would they guarantee that these chemicals are removed from our drinking water? Hmm, now that is one question whose answer I intend to find out. As for now, I'll be checking out how I can learn more about chloramine water filters. As they say, better be safe than sorry..