Back from Vacation and New Goals

I'm just back from a month-long vacation in my parents home in the Philippines. It has been two years since I was last there so there has been quite a few changes. We have this huge lot where our house stands and so my dad virtually has a lot of space to expand. Maybe he has nothing better to do and considering that its just him and my mom staying there, and the house already has four bedrooms he still saw the need to add another wing to the house. A huge bedroom plus a new garage and also a roof deck.

Our kitchen also have seen a lot of welcome changes, mainly lots of storage and cabinets for my mom's collection of pots and pans etc and this time they were all finished complete with cabinet doors! At least now, my mom is ecstatically happy that her stuff has its own place. Before my dad has this ningas cogon habit where he would start a project and lose interest, so we see a lot of unfinished cabinet doors around the house.

When we got back home here in Phnom Penh, hubby and I has been talking and making plans too of rebuilding our home. At least into something with a minimum of 4 bedrooms. One master bedroom, plus two bedrooms for kids and one office cum guestroom. This will be our project for the next two years and where all our saving efforts will be concentrated on. It's a big expense but we want to make it into one that would really stand in time and would cater to all our needs. 

I already have rough draft of our floor plans and am starting to look around for designs, materials that I'd want to incorporate in the house. It's going to be just small, will two floors plus a rooftop, and one thing I want to make sure is that it'll have ample storage spaces so even just now I'm already checking out cabinet suppliers. 

We have about 2-3 years to start this home building project and once we have it already I think that's the time we could start thinking of looking for a farm or a vacation house..