Garden at Home..

Right now, I'm staying in my parents house in Bicol Philippines. Being here is always a treat. I feel like I'm in a resort coz my parents are avid gardeners! We have lots and lots of planters all over the house. My dad is addicted to growing different types of ferns and fruit trees and I surprised to see our house surrounded by big ferns which now makes summer heat more bearable. There's something about it that makes me feel like I'm in a forest..

My mom on the other hand has her hands full with ornamentals and flowering plants. She's collecting cactuses, tropical flowers especially gumamela in various colors, orchids and more. She has some nice looking garden planters placed all over the grounds to complement dad's trees and ferns.

Let's just say our house is a wild tumble of plants all around and my daughter is specially happy coz the flowers attract a whole lot of butterflies and small birds! It's high maintenenance though but were happy to keep it and I reckon gardening is what keeps my parents really healthy.

And if you think it ends outdoors, well my brother is also into gardening and doing floral arrangements. So inside the house we have more indoor planters! I think it more than complements the decor and besides I find it really easy on the eye and breathing too..

Hmm, how I wish I could have a massive garden like these too but where we live in Phnom Penh, it's quite impossible as were a bit cramped and all concrete, but I do hope we could buy our own farmland sometime in the near future. So I could also putter around and do gardening like what my parents are doing now..