Just Updates on the Blogging Front

Things had been pretty hectic this past few months but I’m happy to note that I’ve at least managed to keep this blog updated. No mean feat but I do love this blog and I find it very easy to cruise around the web looking for new things, home trends I want to feature here.

blogging One of the things I’ve been busy with is experimenting with online shops and affiliate partners. I have in mind to open my own online shopping site of things I make. Did I mention I’m into crafting again? This time I’m so addicted to crocheting! And I’m also planning to start experimenting with polymer clay crafting. I’m thinking, once my products are good enough I want to open my own Etsy shop or an standalone shopping site.

Right now though, I’m still on practicing and polishing mode in terms of quality of my crafts so for now I’m trying to market affiliate products as another way to make money online. I’ve recently discovered the use of affiliate data feeds and I figured I could probably create an online shop with these feeds, so I’m currently shopping around for business web hosting and also a shopping cart software that is functional, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing.

Another project occupying a huge chunk of my time is setting up another batch of blogs each with a specific niche (I’ve got around 5 new ones :-P and obviously I’m addicted to it already..), and also updating and fixing up old blogs.

And oh, the good news too is that my Google Adsense earnings are on an uphill climb and this just excited and motivates me more.. Wish me luck..Hope to see more moolah pouring in from my online ventures soon..I have this totally out of this world goal to buy another house and lot with my online earnings. I could dream right? And I plan to make it possible anyway I can..