More Musings on Blogging and the Web

Hmm, I've been checking my blogging posting frequency here and I know I've been a little amiss. I had been targeting at least 20-25 posts per month. At the rate I'm going I'm not about to reach that this month. But I have reasons hehe always why I've been a little lax. You see, I've been doing some 'inventory' of my blog sites. I realized I have several blogs I've been ignoring for sometime already and also some more domains in need of setting up.

Since I realized I enjoy blogging and that you can actually earn from it, I went at it full blast. Too bad there are things that easily distracts me like Facebook hehe..I've been contemplating just hiring a custom web development company but thinking about the costs made me think twice. For now, I can't afford to do that. Perhaps later. All earnings I have now are for reinvesting and getting more sites up to provide a steady stream of income in the future.

So for the past week that's what I had been doing. Revamping old sites to be up and running and updated again. And setting up new ones. I'm quite happy coz the two new domains I have has been easily indexed and in just a month now has a PR0 (i know its 0 but just the same it means its indexed and cached yahoo!) and another one PR1! All my other sites I have also maintained its PR..

I target all sites to be up and running by June-July 2010 and hopefully by the end of the year all of the new one's will be earning their keep. Which led my husband now to ask what's next? I'm sure I'll have my hands occupied updating these sites and I also plan to write articles in advance and just schedule the posting so its all semi-automated and so I could also have some time to do some other projects. 

Hubby suggests I start my own web development company since I love setting up sites. A good idea, but I have yet a lot to learn and I will jump to it when I''m ready. I'm also thinking of specializing in Blog Set Up and Maintenance since blogging is really gaining a lot of ground on the web. We'll see. For now I'm doing research and reading more for some web design inspiration and learning more about CSS. I also intend to be at least proficient in other CMS platforms preferably Joomla and Drupal.