I Wish I Was In a Tropical Paradise!

Yes, I'm living in a tropical country right now, but nowhere near where its cool and where I could run to the beach and cool down. It's scorching hot here in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and just a couple of days ago, a friend told me the temperature went up to 41 degrees Celcius! Unbelievably hot, that is so this is definitely not a tropical paradise, far from it!

I don't actually need to be in a sauna to sweat it up. And the whole day I kept wishing I was through some caribbean hotels cooling off and hanging out with a drink and occasionally taking a dip in the cool waters.

So guess what I ended up doing for a few hours again? Searching for all inclusive hotels somewhere where its near the beach or with a massive pool, fabulous room service plus all amenities that I would need to get my stress level down. I'm positively salivating after those Ocho Rios hotels! I am imagining myself cooling down in those enormous and lovely pools, getting a total spa pampering treatment, trying out some water sports, or playing a few rounds of golf or tennis..

Hmm, at this time I would just settle for daydreaming about going to my tropical paradise, but someday soon I will..