Gift for Hubby?

I'm thinking of giving hubby a gift, no special occasion really, I just feel like returning his kindness. He just recently bought me a new washing machine, out of the blue, and a pair of shoes, and now he wants to buy me a rattan bucket seat so I can be comfy when I am doing my crocheting... I know I'm lucky! This leads me into a dilemma, what should I give him? I'm thinking of getting him something for his tool box.. He likes his tools and gadgets and one thing he considers an essential to any house or any house tool kit is a good knife. He tells me having a quality and handy one is important especially since we also like camping and hiking so he needs one he could bring around.

Well, its multi-purpose and there are lots of knives that are very handy and right now hubby likes Spyderco Knives. Hmm, maybe I could give that to him as a gift? But I sure don't know how to choose and buy a good knife. I understand that for collectors, quality is top most and with this comes a little steep price. I'm currently browsing through The Blade Shop, for some ideas and they do have a pretty extensive selection.

I was initially  thinking of giving him a dual-sim phone since he is always carting around 2 phones but since he's really into tools, then giving him a set of top quality blades for his tool collection will be a good idea. Though I must admit, browsing that online shop makes me dizzy with the choices. I didn't realize that there are so many kinds of knives and I am seriously at a loss which one to pick. Hmmm, maybe I should do a little more research..