We Love Swensens!

We do. Seriously. Though, there are times we forget about loving Swensen's but that's mostly during the cold/rainy season. When summer comes around we're always flocking over to Swensen branches around Phnom Penh.

When I first visited Phnom Penh in 2004 I used to lament the fact that I couldn't eat the ice creams and yummy desserts I got used to. Though there were Magnolia and Selecta ice creams as well as other local brands available in the supermarkets, still the flavors were limited to vanilla and chocolate so my taste buds were left craving for more.

Thankfully, when we came back last 2008, I saw Swensen's franchises all over Phnom Penh. Me, Chinks and hubby love ice cream and we had made their Sovanna Mall branch our frequent hangout. In this place, really 'Happiness never melts..' at least that's true especially for Chinks who is always on the high whenever she gets to eat her all-time favorite sticky chewy chocolate ice cream scoop. Even me, I have my regular, the usual thing I'd order.. what else but a sinful banana split?

And that's exactly what I had again this afternoon. It was sticky hot, so we made a beeline again for Swensen's in Sovanna. Hmmm, yummy, pure heaven. Though now I'm a little guilty I've consumed all that calories again. Maybe I'll just add 15 more minutes jumping rope to my exercise routine..

And oh, there are times when I think eating in this ice cream parlor is getting to heavy on my wallet (what! with 4 of us going there almost every other day..) its also a nice alternative to buy ice cream in gallons from the supermarket. And thank goodness, now they have more choices. Lucky Supermarket even has Haagen-Dazs and other brands. So whenever we crave frozen sweets, we could easily stock up..

Image credit: Swensens