Making Memories Last..

When I was younger I scoffed at the idea of keeping remembrances, tributes etc. I thought it was a corny idea specially when my parents would run after me for photos, videos to record important events in our lives. I didn't really 'get it', I mean what's the big fuss about having photos, keepsakes anyway? I guess I didn't really understand that my parents just wanted those memories to be kept alive and also a way for them to be remembered.

 Me, when I was like 6?

It was only when I got older and specially when I had a family of my own that I completely understood. Yes, time is really fleeting but every moment you spend with somebody you love is special. I now understand why people are obsessed with taking photos and remembrances of events in their lives, travels, events etc. It's simply because you want to hold a bit of that memory in your hands. Something that you can still see, can constantly revisit and remember how it was. 

  My daughter Chinks with her Lola (my mom). Chinks 5th birthday..

My parents efforts to capture important moments in our lives are now well appreciated. Though things weren't so high tech that time, they still managed to collect lovely photos of me, my sister and my brother. Birthdays, graduations, trips even some school certificates, cards I made when I was a kid, drawings etc.  Well, everything is there and I simply can't describe the happy feelings and thoughts I get whenever I see them. And since these days,  things are getting so techie and digital, we plan to archive our memorabilia, have then in digital format and place it in an online storage safe box. There are lots of services like this already, there are free file sharing and storage companies, but if you want to get premium service then there are also online safe boxes like My Heart Will.

 Dad and Chinks, Angkor Wat 2004

So now I'm also into taking photos and videos, keeping letters,cards and cute notes from my daughter and hubby. And since I'm also into scrap booking, these make excellent materials and I also have plans of creating my own personal page to organize and archive all these keepsakes I've collected over the years. I know now my daughter doesn't know it yet, but in the future she'll be happy to see and reminisce all the moments we had..